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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of scrap metal or other recyclables does Round Bottom Recycling purchase?

Primarily Round Bottom Recycling is in the business of BUYING the ABC'S of Scrap Metal: Aluminum, Brass, Copper and Steel. In addition, we also purchase many common household goods and other items found in local businesses and industries. Click here for a list of those items.

What items don't you take at Round Bottom Recycling?

Click here for a list of items that Round Bottom Recycling does not currently accept.

Is there a minimum amount of weight that you will accept?

There are no weight or quantity minimums that must be met in order to take advantage of Round Bottom Recycling's services and to receive payment for your efforts.

How do I know 'what metal is what' when I go to recycle?

Basically, there are two types of metal: ferrous and non-ferrous. Both are commonly identified through the use of a magnet. Ferrous metal contains iron and is attracted to a magnet. Other metals such as Aluminum, Brass, and Copper are non-ferrous and are not attracted to a magnet and are identified by either visually looking at the product or by grinding the surface of the material. To note, Stainless Steel, ferrous metals, and other specialty metals give off sparks when ground. In addition, Specialty 'metals' such as Carbide and Titanium, to name a few, need to be further analyzed through the use of a portable x-ray machine kept on hand at Round Bottom Recycling for such purposes. Customer Service Reps are also on hand to assist in the identification and sorting of particular metals and goods prior to weighing and receiving payment for submitted Recyclables.

How do I know the price Iíll get is fair?

Round Bottom Recycling prides itself in providing individuals and companies a clean and friendly environment in which to recycle their scrap metal and other accepted material. We also realize that their efforts should not only pay off for helping to reduce the amount of waste in landfills but that all customers are also awarded a fair market priced based on the daily commodities price.

Do you take old cars?

Round Bottom Recycling is now accepting whole cars for recycling. We also accept car parts, components, accessories and such for recycling. Visit this page for details.

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How and when do I receive payment?

After a customer's 'recyclables' have been identified and segregated according to type, they are then weighed on a State Certified Scale and a Round Bottom Recycling Purchase Ticket is generated based on price per pound. The customer receives their copy and gives it to the Cashier for immediate cash payment.

Does a customer have to present identification in order to recycle and receive payment?

Obtaining identification from a customer when writing a Purchase Ticket is standard practice in the recycling industry. The State of Ohio requires a valid state ID when recycling any renewable resource.

Does Round Bottom Recycling have Roll-Offs available for Contractors and Industrial Accounts?

Round Bottom Recycling has a fleet of trucks and roll-offs available for customers in need of such services. Customers who want to learn more about our Roll-Off Program should contact the sales office at (513) 248-4435 for details.

Do aluminum cans and other types of aluminum such as siding, gutters and cast aluminum pay the same?

Aluminum cans pay differently than other types of aluminum because of certain alloys in their composition that are not in other types of aluminum. Customers are encouraged to separate their aluminum cans from other recyclable material for this reason.

What do I do when I arrive at your facility with my car or truck filled with recyclable items?

Steel customers or customers who have a vehicle and/or trailer full of one particular type of material should park their car or truck on the scale located at the entrance of our facility upon arrival. Once a digital readout of the weight is recorded at the scale house, the red light will change to green letting the customer know that their weight was recorded and that they should follow the signage to the appropriate drop off zone to recycle their items. Tubs, flat-carts, totes, and buckets are made available for self service by customers who are encouraged to select one or all types of Ďvehiclesí to sort their material according to type. When available, our personnel will assist customers in the recycling process by helping to unload, sort, and transport customer goods to the scale for weighing and final payment.

Do you recycle computers?

Round Bottom Recycling is now accepting computer scrap and cell phones for recycling. View details and pictures. View or print the list of computer scrap items that Round Bottom Recycling will currently accept.

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Do you accept propane tanks, gas cylinders or metal storage tanks?

Round Bottom Recycling does accept propane tanks which must be cut in half and rinsed with water. Compressed gas cylinders must have the valve removed or have a 6" hole (except helium and Freon cylinders). Metal storage tanks must be drained with at least a 12" x 12" hole and no vapors.

Do you accept appliances?

Round Bottom Recycling will accept refigerators, dehumidifiers, A/C units, and diswashers. Each must have the compressor unit removed or Round Bottom Recycling can provide Freon evacuation service for a $10 service fee. Plastic dishwashers are not accepted.

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